What will playing tennis look like after coronavirus?

Like everything else tennis has succumbed to coronavirus and the word that is synonymous with these current times; ‘lockdown’. But when the lockdown is finally raised what will playing tennis look like after humanities awakening to increased hygiene standards and the dangers of viral infection?

Cults Tennis Club could reopen in June
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USTA guidelines

The guidelines set out by the United States Tennis Association are one of the clearest indicators of what will be required to be done if someone wants to play tennis post lockdown.

Cults Tennis Club head coach Gareth Rennie told The Reporter a lot of the guidelines recommended by the USTA could be adopted when tennis resumes.

Scenes like this might not be seen for a while in tennis clubs across the country

Preparing to play

USTA guidelines on what a player should do before they play includes washing hands prior to stepping on court, wearing gloves, cleaning down all equipment, arriving immediately before the game and leaving as soon as it finishes.

When playing

During play the USTA says there should be no contact between players, no changing ends and a consideration not to play doubles.

After playing

On completion of the game players are told to leave court immediately, not to use site facilities and wash their hands as soon as they return home.

Use your own balls

Another interesting idea the USTA has come up with is players marking the balls they are using and only picking up the ones they are assigned to with what ever particular signature they have put on their set of balls.

The full guidelines are on the USTA website.

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